Cycling UK in the Borders

Cycling UK currently has four projects on-going in the Borders, Scott Runciman is the local Development Officer. Scott works on Cycling UK’s Rural Connections, Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme and Shift projects and has assisted on the delivery of Access Bikes.

Rural Connections offers anything from free e-bike loans, maintenance classes and led rides through to confidence inspiring Better Biking sessions to rural communities. Get in touch with Scott to find out more!

The Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme is a grant available to bike mechanics which allows them to offer £50 worth of service or repair to customers, there are currently 5 participating shops in the Borders. Check the webmap on our webpage to find your closest mechanic.

Shift is a grant based project which helps to change travel behaviour in favour of more active and sustainable travel. Cycling UK work’s with local organisations to provide events and activities which are centred around behaviour change. There currently two participating organisations in the Borders, Stow Cycle Hub and the Galashiels Men’s Shed. Applications for the fund are still open so if you think you or those in your organisation would like to make a Shift, get in touch with Scott.

Lastly, Access Bikes aims to encourage people on low incomes to cycle for transport and leisure by removing the barrier of high upfront costs of a bike and equipment. Access Bikes is currently a pilot project which has worked with a local organisation in the Borders, as well as organisations in four other local authority areas in Scotland. The project consists of a capital grant to organisations who support the provision of cycles to people experiencing financial hardship in their community. If you are an organisation already working with significant numbers of individuals and communities hit hardest by the cost-of-living crisis, then get in touch as you may be able eligible to Access Bikes.

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