Cornerstone of the Community

Over the years, Just Cycle have been incredibly fortunate in receiving some amazing donations of bicycles from the local community.
In 2019 a family in Hawick donated a Theraplay Tricycle specifically designed for children with additional needs. Just Cycle serviced the trike and donated it to a nursery in Langlee to ensure local children benefited from the donation. Just Cycle regularly donate recycled bicycles to schools, nurseries, and projects in the Borders.

More recently we received a donation of a Roam Tricycle complete with passenger seat that was no longer in use. Following an inquiry from Gary Gold, an employee of Cornerstone, Just Cycle were delighted to donate the passenger trike for the benefit of Cornerstones service- users, ensuring the trike is put to the best possible use and benefits as many people as possible in the Borders community.
Just Cycles workshop manager, Grant Martin immediately got to work on the trike ready to hand over to its new owners. Here is what Grant had to say about it:

“With the emphasis on comfort and safety – for safety we replaced all the brake cables, cleaned and adjusted the hub brakes, front and rear. We also greased all the bearings in headset and wheels. One of the mudguards was broken off, so I was able to repurpose a mudguard from a donor bike and solder it into place.
For comfort we replaced the saddle for a more padded comfortable option and fitted slightly wider tyres, along with new inner tubes to make the ride smoother over rougher ground and lessen the chances of puncturing.
We greased all height adjusters to make sizing for the rider and passenger easier, replace the gear cable and indexed the hub hears to make pedaling and gear changing smoother and efficient, before cleaning and lubricating the chain and test riding the trike”
– Grant Martin, Workshop Manager at Just Cycle, Tweedbank.

The passenger tricycle has been collected by Jake along with members of staff for some new and exciting adventures with Cornerstone.

Happy Cycling Guys!

Grant – Ensuring the tricycle is safe

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